SierraSoft Roads

SierraSoft Roads 3.0

Designs and edits digital road maps and models
3.0 (See all)
Create a standard road or a highway by modeling its location, materials, and length based on real geographical, topographical and logistical parameters. Automated generation of a road model is possible with immediate access for customization at any stage.

SierraSoft Roads is a BIM software for the design of roads and highways. The ease of use, outstanding performance and functional design offered by SierraSoft Roads mean that the design of any kind of road, highways. SierraSoft Roads automates entire stages of the design and makes everything extremely easy; the designer always has complete control over the design data and constant access to all its information. SierraSoft Roads with BIM exchange allows you to manage the BIM design processes for roads and highways providing high interoperability and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

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